Cellulite Prevention and Skin Improvement

Cellulite Prevention and Skin Improvement

Who has not heard of Cellulite? #Cellulite is the protrusion of fatty tissue through the skin’s fibrous septa, which gives the appearance of ripples and orange peel skin. They appear mainly on the lateral parts of the thigh, buttocks and abdomen.

What can I do to improve it?

Diet and Exercise

Performing these activities, they will help you reduce the amount of body fat, the protrusion through the septa will be less and it will help you to improve the appearance of cellulite. Also, remember that these two healthy habits will benefit many other aspects of your body and mind.

As much as we dream of magic creams to "burn fat" or erase cellulite, they do not exist. Several topical products based on caffeine, methylxanthines, retinol, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola and others have been evaluated, however the results are poor. Don’t waste your money in vain!

Science and Technology

#Scienceandtechnology are there to help us under different grounds, such as improving lymphatic circulation, collagen production and rupture of fibrous septa. Various products have been shown to be effective in treating cellulite, but remember that these require initial and maintenance sessions.

We will mention some brands of equipment and products that are supported by scientific studies:

  1. Non-invasive equipment (no pain, no needles during treatment): Acoustic wave therapy; Cellactor and Z wave. Radiofrequency Velasmooth, Velashape, Exilis Elite, Venus legacy, Thermi RF and Endymed Pro contour (combining multipolar radiofrequency, mechanical suction and massage).

  2. Minimally invasive equipment (includes cannulas that are needles that go deep into the skin, but pain is tolerable): Cellulaze 1440 nm ND YAG Single Fiber Laser and Cellfina Guided Subincisions.

  3. Injectable treatments are products that come in syringes and are deposited in the areas to be treated, they should always be applied by an expert to avoid adverse effects: Collagenase, Radiesse calcium hydroxyapatite and Sculptra polylactic acid L.

At #DermaDerm we have Endymed Pro, collagenase, radiesse and sculptra available.

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